Showpiece Range Hoods

Kitchen ventilation becomes a dream design with these literal works of art.  A '57 Chevy?  You bet.3:28

  Kitchen Countertops

Lise Simms guides you through the process of choosing countertops, and surveys the products and materials.4:20

  Induction Ranges

Ever seen and induction range?  You'll want one after watching this video. They're (literally) very cool.8:20

  New Products Showcase, December 2009

Our friends at Kitchen Bath Design News highlight some of the cooler new products hitting the market.4:04


  Season a Cast Iron Pan

The right way to prep your cast iron pan to deliver a lifetime of good service.1:16

  Sharpen Kitchen Knives

We've never met a blade that didn't dull. Bring those knives back to brand-new condition.2:46

  Clean and Care for a Butcher Block Cutting Board

This three-step process will help you get the most out of your board, and will leave it looking great, too.3:00


  Intelligent / Green E-House

Materials, function, and form blend seamlessly in this kitchen to produce a high-utility, eco-friendly workspace.4:50

  Letting Your Kitchen Flow Into an Adjacent Room

Open floor plans are great... as long as the rooms feel connected and contribute to the overall flow of the spaces.2:56

  Kitchens With Color

Want to lend some vibrancy to an all-white kitchen? Guess what - the white needs to go.2:38

  An Eco-Friendly Residential Kitchen

Countertops made from recycled soda bottles, bamboo cabinets, and other innovative products easy on the planet.2:02

  Kitchen Makeover: Tips and Techniques

A case study offers food for thought as you think about taking
the plunge.3:18


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Updated: February 12, 2010