About the Reviews

The information in each product review on the kitchencritical website comes from two realms.

The first is published information about, and reviews of, kitchen gear. We monitor several dozen websites on a daily basis. Some are major food sites that regularly publish reviews about kitchen gear, while others are specialty sites and blogs that cover particular areas, like coffee, grilling, and mixology. We regularly check manufacturer sites and shopping sites, both of which include copious amounts of reader feedback and consumer reviews. From these disparate sources of information, we take stock of all pertinent information regarding particular products.

The second realm is a group of experts — amateur and professional cooks, bakers, and other culinary artists — who provide kitchencritical with the kitchen wisdom they’ve accumulated during their careers, especially from their experience with the tools they use to ply their trade and/or pursue their culinary passions. Additionally, for major appliances — refrigerators and freezers, ranges, cooktops, ovens, grills, and dishwashers and waste disposers — we engage appliance buyers, sales- and service people. For renovation issues, we consult architects, kitchen designers, and contractors.

After gathering this information, we organize and publish the relevant details that will enlighten our readers, and best enable them to make the right decisions for their kitchens.

In our reviews, technical terms about materials and processes are linked to our Kitchenware Glossary, which expounds upon the verbiage used by kitchenCritical and manufacturers to describe products.

Our recommendations of particular models span a range of prices, and we often order our recommendations by price, in ascending order, unless otherwise noted in the review. We quote list prices as well as current "street" prices, after surveying several vendors. Directly beneath the product illustration that accompanies each recommendation are two links: "Shopping Page", which loads a comparison-shopping page for that model or product line; and "More Product Info", which links to the page on the manufacturer’s site featuring our recommended model.

We invite our readers to share their points of view, comment on our reviews,and make known their own kitchen experiences. We provide links to facilitate this exchange of information, and thank all kitchencritical posters for their participation.

Finally, we update our content on an ongoing basis, and include revision dates at the end of each page.

Here is a partial list of our experts, in alphabetical order:

Laura Brennan, chef, teacher, Le Cordon Bleu

Kathleen Landis Lancaster, chef, food writer, former restaurant critic, Boston Magazine

Joan Lang, food writer, owner Full Plate Communications

Adam Lantheaume, owner The Boston Shaker

Amy McCoy, cookbook author "Poor Girl Gourmet" (2010 Andrews & McCee)

Tod Mott, head brewer, The Portsmouth Brewery

Alyssa Rapp, founder / CEO Bottlenotes.com,
                      author "Bottlenotes Guide to Wine: Around the World in 80 Sips"

Andrew Starr, Director of Sales and Marketing, Boston Showcase Company


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Updated: July 19, 2010