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Members Section - Overview and Membership Benefits

We encourage users to become kitchenCritical members. It's free to join; we require only a valid email address. Membership confers the following benefits:

  • monthly special deals on products and services from several vendors
  • a free weekly newsletter with kitchen culture and industry news; articles, photos and videos; and general buzz from the foodie sphere
  • a personal profile, in which you can say as much or as little about yourself and your culinary interests as you’d like, list your keywords, and upload photos and recipes
  • free listing of professional services in our Renovation Resources section
  • optional email anonymization and relay, for privacy protection

When member sign-up is implemented on the site, the Members page will contain

  • an explanation of member benefits
  • a link to login / sign up page
  • a link to current Member Specials page
  • a search box for Member Directory, searchable by name, location, culinary or other keywords
  •'s Privacy Policy


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Updated: February 12, 2010