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kitchenCritical.com was developed to be the single most authoritative, comprehensive, and up-to-date source of free information about home kitchen gear and fixtures in any medium. We strive to provide the optimum means by which kitchenware consumers and kitchen renovators can gain the best information, and access the most reliable vendors, to make the decisions and purchases that will best serve their needs.

Our coverage of kitchen issues is organized in twelve main sections:

  • Product Reviews, in-depth articles with recommendations across a range of manufacturers and models, links to comparison shopping pages and manufacturer sites, and user posts. We explain our approach to product reviews in the About The Reviews page.
  • Feature Articles about kitchen gear and technology, design, and renovation issues, with relevant links to online resources
  • New Products, updated twice each week, highlighting trends and recent product releases.
  • Members, featuring profiles, and enabling networking among our users. Free membership entitles users to continually changing great deals on merchandise.
  • Specials, featuring the deals currently on offer to our members by a variety of vendors
  • Videos on a variety of topics in several categories
  • Reprints, a selection of food writing recently published in the food, lifestyle, and dining pages of English-language newspaper and magazines around the world
  • Renovation Resources, a selection of articles, lists, and worksheets to help you with your kitchen renovation, from project conception and planning through completion
  • Blog, containing daily news and commentary from the kitchenCritical staff
  • Links Directory, a categorized compilation of online resources in the kitchen/food space. Some categories contain comprehensive listings, while others feature a targeted selection.
  • Forums, organized by category, where users can communicate online and share their culinary experiences and perspectives
  • Glossary of terms with concise definitions pertinent to the gear and materials found in today’s home kitchens. The Glossary opens in a separate browser window to facilitate its easy use.


Feel free to contact us / send us feedback. We would appreciate knowing how you feel about the site. Thank you.

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Updated: February 25, 2010